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Bata Designers Apprentice Story

We have all grown up with Bata and hold fond memories of the excitement we felt when we got a new pair of Toughees for back to school, wearing Bullets during PE classes, Ngoma, Sandak, PataPata and the Safari boots our dad or favorite uncle always wore.

“Bata Designers Apprentice”is a Bata Kenya Product Development initiative that wants student and emerging designers in Kenya to be part of creating a classic shoe for Bata through a designers competition while gaining experience working in one of the biggest footwear manufacturer in Kenya and East Africa;

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The Process

Work with a select number of designers (five) to design an affordable shoe or collection for Bata Kenya to be produced in our Limuru factory using existing equipment.
Invite the designers for a factory visit and product development review to understand our production processes.
Designers can include an aspect of technology in the shoes designed. The designers then presented their concepts and prototype shoes to a Bata panel of judges who graded their work, determining the winner.

Directors of Design schools from the University of Nairobi and the Technical University of Kenya were contacted by the PD Manager to propose names of their current students in undergraduate design courses and emerging designers who completed undergraduate design courses not more than 9 years before, with priority given to Textile, Fashion and Product designers. From the list provided designers were contacted on phone to confirm if they were interested in taking part in the competition; 10thMay 2017-list narrowed down to 9 designers. 12thMay 2017-Designers present portfolios in Bata Limuru and selection narrowed down to 4 designers.

Meet The Designers

  • Allela Cynthia


    I get great satisfcation from building something from scratch using my own hands. My curiosity to improve and innovate any product was piqued at a young age, a passion that led to me studying Product Design and Development at University of Nairobi. I am passionate about sustainable design and often lean towards material such as leather and recyclables.

  • Moraa Nyabame

    Senior year, University Of Nairobi

    From a young age design always fascinated me and that's when i realized i could use it as an avenue to self-express

  • Ian Abraham

    Senior year, Technical University Of Kenya

    I am a creator, artist and entertainer. Designs lets me express myself. Product design specifically helps me show off the beauty in mind. I relate to people through design. I chose design because its who i am, who I have always been. My dream is to one day create something the world will marvel at. something like "Gangnam" style but the dance

  • Steve Thairu

    Senior year, University Of Nairobi

    I chose design to get rid of the ugly things walking around and make everyone look beautiful

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11th September 2017Official Launch


22nd September 2017 Designers Presentation


8th November 2017- 17th Jan 2018 Challenges


26th Jan 2018Grand Finale


28th January 2018Mt Longonot Hike


The Challenges

We patnered with various influencers to...